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Where is your organisation on the path to digital transformation? Have you created the 'tone from the top' and the right culture which is so important for success? Do you have a digital road map in place based on a clear strategy? Do you look at your business as part of an ecosystem rather than as a product?

We work with leadership teams in the commercial finance industry on these fundamental questions. Our philosophy is that technology does not have a self-serving purpose but must address clear business challenges.
Any course of action in the digital transformation journey needs to have clearly defined outcomes and benefits.

This is where we start our conversation.  

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Implementing a digital strategy and road map requires an orchestra of different skills to play in tune. Creating customer stories & journeys, UX/UI design, building software stacks and integrations, and developing new apps are some of them. Close and frequent communication and 'translation' of business requirements are critical. Our model allows for resourcing with a high degree of flexibility in this dynamic process. 

We bring the right teams together and manage the process with a clear outcome in mind.



Everybody talks about data. Big data, small data, data-driven decisions, data discovery platforms and much more. The reality is that these are very complex issues for most organisations with legacy systems, business silos and a patchwork of data sources. Businesses generate an ever increasing amount of data which needs to be put to use.

We help our clients to get data to work better and help to increase the visibility of the business and the markets it operates in.

Our goal is to create the relevant business narratives based on data and to create actionable insights.

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Partnering and integrations are the key to success in the digital economy where value chains are dis-aggregated and new business models created. New companies enter and disrupt traditional industries. The solution is not always to build, but to partner.

We help in this process by connecting our clients to companies and solutions in the relevant ecosystems.   



Every situation is different. Every client has different requirements. We put expert teams together on a project-basis depending on the individual circumstances & requirements and the project phase.

The guiding principles for every project are focus on clearly defined outcomes and benefits in addition to creating great user experiences.

We work in sprints with frequent testing and feedback loops for development projects. Speed is the key combined with instant user input and adjustment if required. 

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